Gardens and Recreation


A visit to the Athens national gardens can turn into a good opportunity for you to try out your talents in photography or sketching if that happens to be your thing.

Many groups of aspiring photographers take day trips to the gardens to help them practice their newly acquired skills.


Photograph of one of the many arches in the park
Coal sketch of the same part of the garden

The national garden in Athens is a nice green escape from the bustling city streets and is easy to access from the metro station in Syntagma square.

Map of the gardens at the main entrance to guide you along.


There are many different trees and various plant species to see (all of which are labeled so if you want to improve your latin tree/plant name skills this is the place to be) which will most definitely make you feel like you are far away from the city center.


The palm trees at the entrance that will transport you straight to the boulevards of L.A.





Apart from walking, jogging or just sitting on benches feeding the birds, there are also many great goat watching opportunities (and duck watching as well) in the small zoo-like area of the park.


Lastly, if all of these reasons don’t seem to be significant enough to visit the garden, then you might want to know that it once belonged to royalty and was commissioned by Queen Amalia in 1838 and completed by 1840. It was oficially opened to the public in the 1920’s and renamed “National Garden” so all of us that although not of royal descent we might all the same feel like royalty and deserve to visit this beautiful park.

The Royal Garden in 1905

Read more about the park here- Royal Gardens, Wikipedia


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