House with a View

Make sure to add this neoclassical building on the corner of the streets Dimitriou Aiginitou and Otrineon in the Plaka district to your list of buildings to see when visiting the wider vicinity of the Thissio-Plaka-Monastiraki neighborhoods.


Plaka, Neoclassical

The impressive convex corner window and balcony stands out and gives this building a bit of grandiosity. The cool colors of stone grey and faded turquoise blend in well with the rest of the surroundings in the neighborhood but allow it to stand out at the same time.


The classical high reliefs above the windows and doors add an extra dose of personality along with the black iron cast balconies parts of which have survived the stresses of time however others were not as resilient as one can see below.

Plaka, Neoclassical

While you’re in this area of the historical city center it would be a good opportunity to visit the National Observatory of Athens in Thissio which is situated atop the hill of the Nymphs and has a great view of the city and the Acropolis.

For details about visiting hours and English speaking tours of the observatory click on the link below which will take you to the National Observatory of Athens main website.

National Observatory of Athens



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