Number Nine


This neglected neoclassical building stands out from its dull and lifeless neighbors. It was once the home of Greek theater director Karolos Koun (Kuhn) (September 13 1908- February 14,1987).  He was an acclaimed theater director throughout Europe and founded in 1942 the experimental Art Theater and drama school.

This beautiful building situated on 9, Zoodochou Pigis street is near the corner of busy Solonos street, in the Exarchia district. Although the building at number nine has definitely seen better days it still has a sort of je ne sais quoi quality about it. Most likely the architectural design by architect Elias A. Kourmoulis from Smyrna has given it the classical quality it holds till this day.

On the façade of the building the graffiti laden plaques that can easily be missed, explain to whom the house once belonged to and who the architect was.

Just a piece of info that might be of interest, Karolos Koun worked with famed actress Melina Mercouri, who played Blanche Dubois, in the play A Streetcar named Desire which was staged by Koun’s Art Theater.  (Source: wikipedia)

“Πρέπει να πιστεύουμε στα θαύματα για να γίνουν θαύματα. Πρέπει να ξεφύγουμε από κάθε μαρασμό, δυσπιστία, άρνηση και εγωκεντρισμό, για να βοηθήσουμε να ξεπετάξει ο μικρός θεός που ο καθένας κρύβει μέσα του.” -Κάρολος Κούν.


“We must believe in miracles to make miracles happen. We must be free of the fetters of failure, disbelief, negativity and the ego in order to help the small god that everyone hides inside spring forth.”




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